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What we are

About Cash Dash

CashDash lets you find cash envelopes in cities across the United States.


CashDash will NEVER market to you in any way. The only emails you will receive from CashDash will be about new cash drops or new terms of service. CashDash will not sell or give your email address or other information to any third party!


Occasionally we will do Mega Drops with CashDash envelopes containing thousands of dollars in cash. As our membership grows so will the numbers of drops and dollar amounts of cash! So tell your friends and family today!


TikTok Challenge

CashDash is challenging all of our members to create videos of themselves searching for CashDash cash drops and upload them to TikTok with the hashtag CashDashRocks. We'll then choose several videos and award their creators with $25,000 in cash.


So get creative and have even more fun in your dash for the cash!


Mega Drops

A MegaDrop is a cash drop with $250 to $10,000. Only Premium members will be able to see Mega Drops or to claim the enhanced value. Premium memberships are limited to ten percent of the total memberships in each city. Premium members also get a fifteen minute advance notification of all cash drops. A Premium membership is a $54.95 per month subscription.

Wecome to CashDash!

We've Launched!!

CashDash is the most exciting way to find cash all over your city! Join today and watch for our launch in your city soon. Tell your friends and family about CashDash too! The more CashDash members the more cash drops we'll do and the more MegaDrops with thousands of dollars in cash!


We're going to do cash drops in Lansing and Leavenworth. Get ready! The more free members we get the more drops we'll do! So tell your family and friends!!  In fact, we've started a referral program! Refer ten friends and get a free six month membership upgrade!



Find $100 cash envelopes throughout your city!



We'll also do MegaDrops with CashDash envelopes with thousands of dollars in cash!



Ultimately CashDash will be live in 30 cities.

Hot off the press!

Latest Cash Drops

Here are our last six cash drops. Join for free to see all of our open cash drops!

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By sponsoring a MegaDrop your business will generate massive exposure.

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The city with the most members is the city where CashDash will drop next!! Get your friends and family to join now to help get CashDash in your city!