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About Us

We've Launched!!

On its surface CashDash is simple.


CashDash allows you to find cash envelopes around your city. Anyone can join for free, and even visitors to who aren't logged in as registered members will see the latest six Cash Drops. Members will see all Cash Drops, and there will generally be 15 drops every day!


Yield Management


CashDash allows business owners to generate instant traffic to their place of business. By placing a CashDash envelope and posting it on hundreds of potential customers will appear within minutes.


Maximizing yield means not having to give discounts during times when your business is able to drive your highest prices, at times when you're able to drive the highest traffic. With CashDash you can instantly generate traffic without giving any discount. Now that's the ultimate yield management.


Yield Management is a variable pricing strategy based on understanding, anticipating, and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenues or profits from a fixed, time-limited resource. This concept begins and ends with customer traffic, or demand. CashDash is simply the best resource for driving traffic to your place of business at appropriate times. 



$100 Cash Drops
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