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CashDash Cash Drops

If you find a CashDash cash envelope you should follow these steps to assure you maximize your potential reward.

  1. Register as a member in our community. This will allow you to see all future cash drops.
  2. Take a selfie video with the envelope and the cash. Post it to your TikTok account as a video that allows downloads. Use the hashtag #cashdashrocks.
  3. Follow our TikTok account @cashdashrocks.
  4. Claim the cash drop by clicking on the button at the bottom of the Open Drops page in order to be eligible for Cash giveaways Only Available to those who claim legitimate drops. This exponentially increases your chance of winning more cash!!!
  5. Share your video with your friends and family. The more members we have in our community and the more TikTok followers we have the more cash drops we will do.

Membership Has Its Privileges

We offer paid memberships that will provide a fifteen minute advance notification of all cash drops. Anyone can join for free. But we offer ten percent of our total memberships as Basic and Premium memberships. 

So if we have 100 thousand members we offer 10 thousand Basic and 10 thousand Premium memberships. These Memberships will sell out quickly!

How To Find the Most Cash Drops

Every time a new cash drop is posted you'll receive an email notification. You can click on the link to see the details of the drop. Or you can simply keep our website open to the Open Drops page.

By doing so you'll see the latest cash drops as soon as they're available. By using the city filters you'll be able to target those drops closest to your location.

How Do Mega Drops Work?

A Mega Drop is a cash drop with a value of over $100, usually $250, up to $10,000. Any drop over $1,999 requires us to report the recipient's information to the IRS through a 1099.

Because Premium Members are exclusively eligible to receive Mega Drop rewards, these drops will only include denominations of less than $100. A Premium Member who finds a Mega Drop simply emails us the serial number (s) of the bills and may then redeem that drop for the full amount of that particular drop.

Business Cash Drops

Soon businesses will start to do cash drops. Some will be paired with a product offering such as time limited discounts. This will dramatically increase the number of drops each day. 

If you own or manage a small business and want to understand how CashDash can help you maximize your revenue streams contact us today so we can sit down and show you the impact of true yield management!