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Yield Management


Automated Yield Management


The CashDash Yield Management System is a true yield management system. Our system tracks multiple data points for each business within our system so that intelligent business decisions are able to be made in terms of pricing strategies.


Data Points


  • Date
  • Time
  • Day of the Week
  • High Temp
  • Low Temp
  • Daily Transactions
  • Average Ticket
  • Hourly Transactions
  • Number of Discounts


By building a database of several key data points, our algorithms are able to make accurate predictions of future demand patterns. This allows the CashDash Yield Management System to make valuable recommendations for when to place CashDash cash envelopes and when to pair those cash drops with strategic product offerings in order to maximize the foot traffic and price discounts in those times that historically need a boost.


By eliminating unnecessary price discounts during times that your business is able to drive your highest prices and strategically focusing your marketing dollars on those periods of low traffic volume, the CashDash Yield Management System truly maximizes your overall yield. We are able to help our business customers expand their revenue streams and increase their overall bottom line.